There are always times when you need to upgrade your iPhone to the latest ios version available via the iTunes. The procedure though simple may sometimes be deterred due to errors. This article tries to resolve issues related to error 4013/4014. Let’s first discuss what the error is all about.

The error arises as a result of some hardware issues. Being unaware of the technical aspects and source of solution, one can almost dive headlong without any success. Quite a lot of effort is required to be put in and several solution can be applied as well. But a random selection will lead you nowhere. What suits you best, choose from the options given below and try and fix.

Initial prep and tips:

Use the latest version of iTunes by itunes customer service.
Ensure the availability of adequate space in your phone memory. A gig or more will suffice.
Adequately charge your phone battery.
To ensure unhindered source, update your MAC or PC if any updates available.

The real task

A faulty cable/port or poor Wi-Fi signal may be the petty reasons for this error. It would look okay with your iPhone getting connected to your PC soundly but somewhere down the line disturbance is the signal or faulty or poor quality cable might prevent from connecting properly or the hidden culprit may be your PC itself.

Solution#1: Rebooting the iPhone

Disconnect your iPhone from the PC and reboot your phone by simply pressing the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. For 7 and 7 Plus, press and hold the volume down button and sleep/wake button together.
Done with the rebooting, you can now reconnect your phone with the PC and try to follow the update/restore procedure as usual.

Solution#2: Check out the faulty hardware

You may need to check the faulty cable once and try and use another port or cable to avoid any other mishaps with your upgrade.

Solution#3: ensure proper signal strength of your Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi issues may lead to error and disconnection. So, ensure proper signal strength. And if you feel there is a problem. Disconnect the Wi-Fi both on your computer and iPhone and connect again after some time.
You can, of course, try another network if it’s available.

Solution#4: Use drone -repair for better support

Use the most authentic and reliable recovery methods when dealing with your iPhone like Repair. Wonder Share Company, the one critically is the force behind Repair. The best part, it lets you deal with error 4013 without losing your data. Here are the steps to be followed:
Step1: launch and select the Repair option.
Step2: connect your iPhone to your Mac and click on the ‘start’ button.
Step3: the next window will show the details related to your iPhone’s model number, version etc. Click on ‘next’ now.
You will now need to reboot your phone by entering DFU mode.

The process will let 4013 error be fixed and you can be ensured about your data being safe nad intact.

Solution5: cleaning up your iPhone

If your phone does not have sufficient space to soak up the new upgrades, error is bound to occur. Follow this complete guide to free up space on your phone without the need to delete photos and apps.
Solution6: restarting your computer as well as your iPhone
It the first two solutions are not of any help restart your computer and your iPhone.

If nothing succeeds to sort matters, contact Apple. It will offer you the best solution and take care of any further issues. If you found the above tips handy and useful, do tell us in the comments section. And keep in touch for more such tips and tricks. For more information just dial up our Apple Technical Support Number +1-844-855-2333 who work functionality across the globe and maintains efficient solution for all multiple queries faced by client.

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